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A dedication to the most wonderful husband ever

It all started with a plate of sushi and our years of friendship cascaded into a mesmerizing wedding last year in 2022. But even in my wildest dreams, I wouldn't have imagines how wonderful life would be with you by my side. From our comfortable silences to my exuberant kakaka, I have found the most fulfilling home in you. Thank you John for simply being you - here's my attempt to take us down memory lane and also record all our future adventures! ❤

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A sprinkle of the Nov-Dec magic

You know how I've always loved the lead up to Christmas, with all the festivities, lights and beauty, and of course the Christmas movies...

Kumta 2022

Our first trip to Kumta was a memorable one, because it was one of those stays where doing nothing was the main agenda and we truly lived...

The wedding of our dreams

This one is going to be a long post. Longer tha the others before this for sure. Because our May wedding was nothing short of a dream....

A wedding under the stairs

The preparations for our grand wedding in May were happening in full swing, with invitations sent out and plans detailed out to the T....

The Engagement

Our engagement was fortuitious in so many ways. From hosting our families to taking them to our favorite eareries like Salt Mango Tree,...

The DIY engagement prep

We've always been two people who love everything DIY. And since our wedding was to be planned by a talented wedding planner, the...

A Bea(Ooty)ful Gathering

AwwalThe Ooty trip was a landmark one for us, where all the wedding talks and decisions materializrd in the form of a wonderful trip. Our...

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