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A sprinkle of the Nov-Dec magic

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

You know how I've always loved the lead up to Christmas, with all the festivities, lights and beauty, and of course the Christmas movies on Netflix!

2022 was especially special because it was a month of many milestones for us.

The Right Venue at the Right Time

We got our very first car! After many many months of considerstion, we bought our very own Hyundai Venue and the comfort, flexibility and freedom it has given us in a city like Bengaluru is simply amazing. I love our drives, our mini road trips to Mysore and our music jamming in that little box of joy!

The munchkin that stole our hearts!

We thought about it for a while but never decided to go for it. But when we saw that one videobpr nine absolutely adorable pupsbfrolicking around, we couldn't stop ourselves from getting one of these heart stealers home.

Since then, our life has been full of laughter, love and unbounded happiness, even more than before. We named pur baby Tintin, since she was the third member of our family, and we also had the time of our loves fostering the cutest puppy, Bunny.

Christmas merriment

The December month culminated in a flurry of festivities in Kolkata, for Christmas. It was a fun time with family and friends in Kolkata's grand style.

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