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The Engagement

Our engagement was fortuitious in so many ways. From hosting our families to taking them to our favorite eareries like Salt Mango Tree, Meghana and Nagarjuna, from booking our engagement venue at The Leela to getting our cake from Lavonne, our engagement was a tribute to our story that started in Indiranagar, a place that still holds a special place in both our hearts!

A smile creeps onto my face as I think back to that day where your shoes broke just before our entry, us folding your dupatta outside the ballroom door and that amazing welcome when we walked through. Most of all, I remember how happy the both of us and everyone gathered was that evening and how we winged the ring exchange ceremony even though we were clueless about the "etiquettes"!

Not to forget, the after party at Tristar where I sneaked in and partied late into the night. 😁

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