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A wedding under the stairs

The preparations for our grand wedding in May were happening in full swing, with invitations sent out and plans detailed out to the T.

But amidst all the planning came a day in April when we had to get our registered wedding done. We would call it Wedding 1 of 3.

The registered marriage ceremony, which took place in Kolkata on April 18, was the perfect recluse for us and our family to remember to relax amidst all the prep and truly enjoy the occasion. It had only 7 of our family members but it was the most intinate and wholesome time we had. From going to a cowshed to sign the marriage documents to signing under the stairs under the supervision of a well-meaning but non-smiling lady and then feasting on some exquisite Bengali food, it was the experience of a lifetime. And this was just the cherry on top of a very tasty cake, with a trip full of Kolkata's finest food and drunk! The company of course made it all the more special!

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