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The wedding of our dreams

This one is going to be a long post. Longer tha the others before this for sure. Because our May wedding was nothing short of a dream. The itinerary was set carefully blending two cultures, with each event having a theme and a vibe that was unqiue (thanks to our wedding planner).

Our agenda was to make sure all our friends had a blast and I'm sure you'll agree think we achieved that! We kept the guest list to around 80 people which made the gathering intimate and personal, we had it at Goa and each event was designed with an element of fun - all in all I think we made sure our guests had a menorable time ❤

The wedding itself embodied our hashtag #IDo2Tathastu with a church wedding on 14th at the regal Bassilica of Bom Jesus and a Hindu wedding on the banks of the serene Morjim beach on the 15th. The two back to back weddings were tiring for sure but nothing short of a dream. I knew then it was the foundation of sonething beautiful and since then, ibe always felt blessed to be your wife. 💖

The days leading up to the wedding were also memorable for me because we displayed peak Goa behaviour by being completely chill about the wedding. We roamed the streets of Goa, ate at random cafes and other than the pre-wrdding shoot (which was out of character for us) , we totally created the same laidback experience that forms the foundation of our relationshipin the lead up to our wedding days.

The entire wedding and reception was a magical time for us and the thing I loved most about it was that Igot official permission to trouble you for the rest of ou lives! 😁😍

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